Exam is Fun


Today is the first day for mid test. I wish to get the best result. But it will be hard without study hard. So let's study hard! Let's make change! Let's make our life better with  
not cheating on exam.
 In my opinion, all of people consider "cheat"  as a bad habit, but the fact  it's just underestimated. So don't be surprised if cheating is still popular in the exam.

As educated people we have to realize that cheating at exam will plunges us to be corruption. because of that , We have to get used to not cheat on exam. cheating can be removed if we start from ourselves.

We have to remember : "dishonesty like cheating on exam will make our soul be black and than it will put ourselves into difficulty".

Maybe in this world we have not gotten a bad effect but in the next life it will be our responsibility.

note: I'm trying to improve my english with writing..So please gimme correction for my mistakes (like grammar, etc). I REALLY NEED YOUR HELP GUYS ^^


  1. thank you for sharing this article .. article really impressing ...

  2. shafira..ur welcome.. thanks for coming ^^


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